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Maoist Communist Party Turkey :Revolutionary Task of Struggle Against Turkish attack on Afrin

MKP Political Buro made a written statement saying that '' Our Party is in the face of the fascist occupation is undoubtedly beside the Afrin people  and the Kurdish nation. '' We share our clarification by e-mail because of its importance.

NEWS CENTER- (23.01.2017) - MKP Political Buro made a written statement saying that '' Our party is in the face of fascist occupation is beside Afrin and Kurdish nation. ''

The  aggression of the Turkish ruling classes is a military invasion. This occupation is a racist-fascist criminal offense in the context of international law and the law of the sovereign state, as well as the right to sovereignty of the Kurdish state, especially in the Western Kurdistan Kurdish administration,  it is a criminal offense for interfering with other countries' domestic affairs. Erdogan and the  ruler, who murder civilian people and children in the occupation movement, continue to commit crimes by crimes of humanity.

Our party is unquestionably opposed to the fascist occupation of  Afrin and the Kurdish nation!

Resistance and struggle against the aggression of the racist-fascist military occupation carried out by the ruling classes of the Turkish ruling class and Erdogan is a revolutionary responsibility and duty.

All our peoples and progressive forces must raise their voices against this occupation, the revolutionaries and the Communists must fight against the occupation with the duty of direct struggle.

It is a revolutionary  historical  responsibility for the Communists. The practice of unifying  the resistance and struggle of the Kurdish nation everywhere and supporting its wars is the concrete attitude of this responsibility.

Democratic institutions should exhibit democratic response and democratic struggle, and illegal organizations / organizations should fight against the occupation in the field of armed action!

Those who  start  the reactionary war we will respond with revolutionary war

The responsibility of the Afrin massacre is Putin's  Russia in the second rank, while the first is the power of the USA/Turkey who turns Erdogan power and its puppet. Of course, imperialist outlaws like the US are other partners of the same crime, dragging the region into chaos and wars for the sake of regional strategies and reactionary interests.

The tradition of-military annexation of the Ottoman Empire is to be continued by adapting to the conditions of the present day by the single man-sultan of the single-fascist Erdogan who emulates the new Ottomanism. The Erdogan  attacking Afrin, who saw no attitude from Putin, dared to attack .

It is understood that the fascist occupation movement will be relatively limited and narrow-time when it is open to the military character. It seems that the permission from Putin Russia is at this limit.

It is clear that Russia will not let other initiatives and reactionary interests take risks by emptying Afrin.

It is therefore likely that the Turkish ruling classes have allowed military occupation limited permission and that the PYD-YPG has allowed an attack against the military center and the weapons warehouse. However, the scope of the military occupation aggression is limited, and a certain period of shelter does not mitigate its fascist character, nor to limit or kill slaughter and crime.

Erdogan's ruling will surely take over the occupation and massacres that the Kurdish nightmare has embarked on.

Those who enter the reactionary war will receive a response with revolutionary wars.

Putin Russia, on the basis of imperialist character and reactionary interests, allowed the occupation to commit massacre, and this crime against the Kurds added a new link to the history of imperialist barbarism. All kinds of imperialism and Russia will be overwhelmed by the tempest that it raises imperialism, the war that it provokes and the aggression it carries out ...

The struggle against the imperialist world reaction is terrible, this struggle is tangible to target local reaction. The two forms of struggle can not be torn apart. Ultimately, the struggle against the military occupation that lived in Afrin is a struggle against imperialism, the struggle against Erdogan's power, the local reactionism and indirectly Russia imperialism.

We greet the resistance of the Afrin and the Kurdish nation, and we call on all the world, especially our comrades and revolutionary class forces, to unite with Afrin ! The massacre of civilians and children who were bombed and killed by heavy weapons and airplanes in Afrin can not be left to the audience, let alone! We repeat that we are with the Afrin and the Kurdish nation, and we condemn the Afrin military occupation movement and massacres with our class stand..

The fucking Imperialist World War!

Fucking One-man Fascist Erdogan One Man Ruling

Fucking Reactionary Occupation and  Aggression!

Afrin and the Kurdish Nation are not alone!

Struggle against the Afrin Occupation of the Kurdish Nation!

Any mistakes are responsibity of DCS not MKP


SOURCE: http://www.halkingunlugu1.org/index.php/guncel/item/15770-mkp-tc-devleti-erdogan-iktidarinin-efrin-deki-askeri-isgaline-karsi-mucadele-devrimci-gorevdir

U.S. Proposes Turkey To Establish 'Security Zone' In Afrin

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Quick Guide to PKK, HPG, PYD and YPG

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* The PKK is the Kurdistan Workers Party, based out of Bakur (Northern Kurdistan, inside the borders of Turkey).

* The HPG is the armed militia of the PKK.

* The PYD is the Democratic Union Party, based out of Rojava (Western Kurdistan, inside the borders of Syria). The PYD shares the ideology of the PKK.

* The YPG was the armed wing of the PYD, but it is now the militia of TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society) that the PYD proposed as the method of self-governance/democratic autonomy in Rojava.

Turkey intensifies Afrin Offensive

Afrin : Statement by the TKP/ML TIKKO Rojava Command

TKP ML statement against the fascist aggression initiated by the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP-CHP under the name of "national reconciliation" from the TKP / ML TIKKO Rojava Command.

In our explanations reaching our hand by e-mail, the Rojava Command reminds us of the period when the gangs of the imperialist states and mainly the state of the Turkish Republic . "/ we will be actively involved in resistance to attacks, just as it is in Kobanê. "

"The Fascist Republic of Turkey, which has shown all kinds of aggression since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, has tried to strangle the revolution.

The fascist TC, who stared at Afrin for a long time, started bombing Afrin with aircrafts as of January 20th.

This attack, the fascist AKP government's 'Olive Branch ' will turn into a rope for the AKP, with the resistance by the people.

The Rojava people, who have defeated and defeated everywhere  the Turkish state has provided to support, will erode the assaults of reactionary fascist gangs that appear in other names this time. "

 "Whatever happens, the end will be fabulous!"

"We will be actively involved in the resistance of the TKK / ML affiliated TKKO to the attacks of the TC against the as the Rojava force, just as in Kobanê. 

In Turkey, Turkey in Kurdistan, all progressives in various European countries, patriotic, revolutionary democrats sector, laborers, women, our friends and our comrades,  people of taking these as active in the honorable struggle, TC fascist reactionary attacks and imperialism we are urging all their  dirty plans to come to naught.

No one doubts that, like the Sehîd Çiyager from the heroes of the resistance, in our struggle against fascism, 'Whatever happens, the end will be magnificent'.

Fucking fascist Turkish state!

Support he dignified struggle of the oppressed for life!

Any errors in translation are those of DCS not TKP ML




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Monday, January 22, 2018

Turkish Operation Olive Branch - Military Analysis from South Front

Democracy and Class Struggle although South Front is a pro Russian analyst group they nevertheless provide useful military information.

Democracy and Class Struggle are in no position to validate claims or counter claims in the video - just take it as reflecting propaganda war.


Assad slams Turkey's offensive as "support for terrorism" Do Trump and Erdogan have the same psychiatrist ?

Communique - Syrian Democratic Forces General Command | January 21st 2018

To the public opinion!

Turkey tries to realize its plans on the region by deceiving the peoples of the region. Turkish occupation army, with the mercenaries it has long been training in Turkey, wants to sow the seeds of hostility between Arab and Kurdish entities of Afrin.

Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries tried to invade parts of Afrin under the cover of Turkish air force, tanks and artillery shelling. Our forces have been carrying out a special operation on Turkish troops and terrorists in the last few hours. 

As the operation and clashes continue heavily, current results are as following;

The operation has been taking place in five different areas. Adah Manli, Shadia and Surka villages of Raju district and Shinkal village of Bulbul district have been fully cleared off Turkish troops and the mercenaries. 

Intense clashes at some parts of the border area are continuing. Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ attempts to enter Afrin once again failed.

Turkish occupation army, who failed advance into Afrin on the ground, once again targeted civilians with multiple airstrikes. 

The bombardment carried out on Rubar IDP camp, Cilbir village of Sherawa district and the area surrounding Afrin city center caused many civilian deaths.

Turkish occupation army attacks Reyhanli district of Hatay city itself only to legitimate the ongoing massacre and blames our forces for this. 

We once again stress that we have nothing to do in shelling civilian settlements. We never target the territory outside of our borders.

We once again stress that the social media rumors and the allegations delivered by some media outlets should not be trusted unless officially confirmed by General Command statements. 

SDF General Command will keep the public up to date about the results of the battle and resistance.

During the clashes that is still going on a number of Turkish troops and its mercenaries were killed. Detailed statement on the results of the attacks and our resistance is going to be issued later.

Syrian Democratic Forces General Command | January 21st 2018