Tuesday, January 17, 2017

US intelligence agencies have been actively attempting to recruit senior Russian diplomats over the past several years.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says US diplomats in Russia have engaged in espionage in the past few years and participated in opposition protests.

Lavrov said at a news conference on Russian diplomacy in 2016 on Tuesday that US Embassy diplomats have been engaged in spying and “have repeatedly been seen taking part in the rallies of opposition, anti-government forces, unauthorized rallies, including times when they wore disguise.”

He also stressed that US intelligence agencies have been actively attempting to recruit senior Russian diplomats over the past several years.

“If we talk about recruitment techniques, we did not publicize the full statistics on that. But most recently, in the past few years, especially during the second term of [US President Barack] Obama’s administration, that unfriendly activity toward our diplomats has been growing in scale,” Lavrov told reporters on Tuesday.

Lavrov said the Russian authorities have managed to thwart several attempts by US spies disguised as diplomats to gather intelligence on Russia. “We’ve curbed the intelligence activities of US officials who were working under diplomatic cover.”

Lavrov also slammed the allegations of Russian cyber attacks against the US as fabricated.

American officials, including outgoing President Obama, have accused the Kremlin of carrying out cyber attacks against US political organizations to help Donald Trump win the presidency.

Democracy and Class Struggle says looking at the welcome given to Kissinger Trump Foreign Policy which is a continuation and not a rupture with previous US Foreign Policy despite the smoke and mirrors it looks as if the US has had some success in subverting the hard headed and normally cynical Foreign Policy Establishment in Russia with Trump Euphoria.

Euphoria is always a dangerous state and is followed by depression and then realism.

Red Salute to Lenin Liebknecht Luxemburg Commemoration from Democracy and Class Struggle

Democracy and Class Struggle says your commemoration warms the hearts of proletarian fighters all over the world - in particular a Red Salute for Jugendwiderstand.

Trump's Biggest Donor Firm Bankrolls Israeli Right Extremism plus the Great Illusion of Imperialist Peace

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Oligarchs of the world like Sheldon Adelson  from US to Russia to China are the traitor class - it will become more apparent in 2017 than in previous years when the money interest will clash violently with the national interest.

Trump's deceptive nationalistic words will be tested against reality and found wanting and the Great Illusion of the 21st Century will be shattered.

It is basically the 21st Century Norman Angell Illusion of 1909 that Oligarchs and capitalism would bring peace - Angell argued that war between industrial countries was futile because conquest did not pay.

Capitalism and its final Imperialist form means War as Lenin clearly pointed out in 1916 in his study Imperialism as reality hit home in 1914 -1918 and the Great Illusion was destroyed.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Iranian anti aircraft repels flying object over Tehran - survelliance 2017 sign of times

Donald Trump , Decline of an Empire

Empires Rise and Fall in the broad historical sweep so do not weep on 20th January 2017 it is just another event in decline of US Imperialism.

The Trump rise makes more clear the answer to the big question of social and national Liberation - Who is your friend and who is your enemy ?

Already the US Oligarch's links to Russian Oligarchs show  who will and who will not defend Russian National interests in battles ahead.

Jack Ma a Chinese Oligarch will have to choose between his country or money in the coming struggle.

Profit Patriots will become as transparent as clear glass and their exposure brings clarity not confusion without Trump that exposure would be slower.

2017 will light Mariategui's shi
ning path of liberation and the destroy illusions and delusions that have been so carefully cultivated to cover the brutality of capitalism in its final global imperialist form in the early part of the 21st Century.

Thank you Scotland for this TV Listing for Trump's Inaugration

President Trump: The Inauguration
4pm, BBC One/ STV

"After a long absence, The Twilight Zone returns with one of the most ambitious, expensive and controversial productions in broadcast history. Sci-fi writers have dabbled often with alternative history stories - among the most common is the "What If The Nazis Had Won The Second World War" setting - but this huge interactive virtual reality project, which will unfold on TV, in the press, and on Twitter over the next four years, sets out to build an ongoing alternative present.

The story begins in a nightmarish version of 2017 in which huge sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president. 

It sounds far-fetched, and it is, but as it goes on it becomes more and more chillingly plausible. Today's feature-length opener concentrates on the gaudy inauguration of President Trump, and the stirrings of protest and despair surrounding the ceremony, while pundits speculate gravely on what lies ahead. 

It's a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we're not careful."

Japan: Tomomi Inada Japanese Minister of Defense on the right wing of the right wing and future Japanese Prime Minister : A Closer Look

Democracy and Class Struggle says Japan is about to take a more pro active Military Role under Trump guided by ideology of Tomomi Inada - be warned !

Inada questioned why the 2007 film Yasukuni (produced by Chinese director and some scenes of the movie were politically expressed by Chinese side) received Japanese government funds, and said that such funds should not be given to films with a "political agenda".[10]

Inada was a supporter of right-wing filmmaker Satoru Mizushima's 2007 revisionist film The Truth about Nanjing, which denied that the Nanking Massacre ever occurred.[11] After Takashi Kawamura, Mayor of Nagoya City, made denialist statements about the Nanking Massacre, on 6 March 2012 in Tokyo, at the Simposium[12] to support Kawamura's statement, she opposed to the history class in the Japanese school education, because the teachers, who could be members of Japan Teachers Union and be sympathized with China, teach the pupils about the Nanking Massacre of the Second Sino-Japanese War at the school classes. At that time, she said, "When Japanese Prime Minister definitely denies the Nanking Massacre, such a non-sense school education could end."[13]

Inada insisted that The International Military Tribunal for the Far East after World War II, was against the principles of the modern law and the International Military Tribunal for the Far East was only a part of the policy of Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers during the Allied occupation (mainly United States' occupation) of Japan after World War II, and she also said that Japan should totally deny the historical viewpoints, which too much emphasized the Japanese military invasion in China, following the decision of The International Military Tribunal for the Far East.[14] In August 2015, Inada expressed her intent to form a committee to verify the authenticity of the tribunal and the views of Japanese history it employed.[15] "Inada has argued that the Tokyo Trials distorted Japan's responsibility for the war", according to the Wall Street Journal in 2016.[3]

Inada was shown smiling in a picture with Kazunari Yamada, leader of the National Socialist Japanese Labor Party (NSJAP), who has praised Adolf Hitler and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.[16] But, after the photo was released by the press, she said publicly that she was unaware of his career. A staff member of Sanae Takaichi, Minister of Internal Affairs, whom she was with at that moment, said that he "was an assistant for an interviewer", and "We had no idea who he was back then, but he requested a snapshot."[17]

Inada was a signatory to the "The Facts" advertorial, supported by The Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact and published in The Washington Post on 14 June 2007. The advertorial asserts that there is no proof of the Imperial Japanese Army's system of Comfort women during the Pacific War.[18] She also helped to launch the LDP Special Mission Committee to Restore the Honor and Trust of Japan, which in 2015 recommended to Prime Minister Abe that Japan counter what it views as false allegations against Japan regarding the Comfort Women issue.[19] When the committee demanded that an American textbook publisher correct its depictions of comfort women that were "at odds with the position of Japan," Inada called these depictions an "infringement upon the human rights of Japanese children living in the United States."[20] "In 2012, ... Inada wrote in a newspaper column that 'there is no need for an apology or compensation' to women who served Japanese soldiers sexually in World War II because she said the Japanese military and government didn’t compel the women to perform such services," the Wall Street Journal reported at the time of Inada's appointment as Defense Minister.[3] On the other hand, in a 2013 press conference, Inada called the Comfort Women system a grievous violation of women's human rights.[21]

"In one incident in 2011, South Korea barred ... Inada and other Japanese lawmakers with conservative views from entering the country", the Wall Street Journal reported in a review of Inada's career in 2016.[3]

In 2015, when Prime Minister Abe prepared the statement on 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, Inada said, "No need to express the word like remorse", "stop continuing to apologize [to China and other Asian countries]", "military invasion is not appropriate word [to express the Japanese action in Asian countries before the end of the war]".[22]

That same year, Inada went against her party's traditional opposition to LGBT rights by setting up a committee within the party to discuss the matter.[23]

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Russia : Pavel Popov's Boys - Russian Cyber Warriors in the Cyber Battlefied

Japan : Historical Revisionism - the Second World War is not over in Asia

Tomomi Inada, Japan's Minister of Defense is an Historical Revisionist does not recognize facts of Japanese Aggression in Second World War.

Tomomi Inada, a lawyer-turned-lawmaker, is a regular at Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine which honours war dead including convicted war criminals -- a gesture seen by neighbouring countries as an endorsement of Japanese wartime atrocities. 

She has made remarks defending the atrocities, including forcing many Asian women into sexual servitude in military-run brothels, and has led a party committee to re-evaluate the judgement of the war tribunal by the Allies. 

Here is an extract from an article by Hugh Cortazzi former UK Ambassador to Japan on the extent of Japanese Historical Revisionism.

Japan’s right-wing politicians who react badly to foreign criticism are often insensitive to the feelings of foreign people whom they seem to despise. They seem to regard any foreigner who does not praise every aspect of Japan and points out that there were dark moments in Japanese history as a “Japan basher” and, accordingly, an enemy of Japan. This attitude is harmful to Japan’s national interests and reputation.

I was shocked to read in a recent issue of the journal of the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo a farewell article by the correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which I know from my service in Germany as a highly respectable serious journal that would never report sensational stories and always checks its facts.

"When the correspondent wrote an article critical of the Abe administration’s historical revisionism, the Japanese Consul General in Frankfurt, presumably acting on instructions from Tokyo, called on the paper’s senior foreign policy editor to complain about the article.

The Japanese Consul General refused to produce any facts to counter the arguments in the correspondent’s article and then apparently went on to insult the correspondent and the paper by suggesting that money was “involved,” and that the reporter had to write pro Chinese propaganda to get a visa for China. These remarks were not only unjustified but inept.

Sadly this is not an isolated case. The Japanese Consul General in New York in January requested McGraw-Hill, a reputable U.S. educational publisher, to delete paragraphs in a book produced by two U.S. scholars about “comfort women.” The publishers rejected the request and told the Japanese official that the scholars concerned had properly confirmed the facts.

It is probably impossible now to say for certain how many “comfort women” were forced to serve members of the Imperial Japanese armed forces, but there is overwhelming evidence that this obnoxious practice was widespread. Koreans were not the only women forced into prostitution.

Japanese revisionists also refuse to accept the facts about the Nanjing massacre. In this case, too, it is impossible at this stage to confirm the exact number of those killed, but the evidence from a variety of sources including Japanese confirms that numerous atrocities were committed by members of Japanese forces not only in Nanjing but also elsewhere in China. Anyone who points out such facts is only spelling out the truth and is not a Chinese propagandist.

When I wrote an article some months ago, which noted the fact that there was a dispute over the Senkaku Islands, despite my known antipathy to the anti-democratic behavior of Beijing, I, too, was accused of repeating Chinese propaganda and helping China.

Reports in the British media about Japanese school history books only refer to the downplaying of the Nanking incident and the “comfort women” issue. No mention has been made of what the textbooks say (or do not say) about the thousands of prisoners of war and forced laborers who died in the making of the Thailand-Burma Railway or other incidents in Singapore and Hong Kong when Japanese soldiers broke not only the Geneva conventions but Japan’s own moral code. There is no wish here to rekindle the inevitable resentments, which soured Anglo-Japanese relations in post-war years, but any attempts to water-down the facts or delete them from the record damages relations".


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Naval Warfare : China Expands its Amphibious Capabilities - Russian Ekranoplan Fleet of Future

US Naval Hegemony will face asymmetric Naval challenges from China and Russia and also Iran and North Korea in future.

But don't forget the Japanese Navy !!!!


A Costly Victory for United States posited in China US War Scenario Video above  - this without a full scale land invasion which would be even more costly for US.

China can be militarily defeated my times but eventually would recover and be the winner - exactly what Lee Kuan Yew said about Taiwan if China invaded Taiwan she might be defeated two or three times but eventually would win.

If US military has any sense of history even militarily defeating China would not constitute victory - it took China some hundred plus years to recover from humiliations and defeats of 19th Century but eventually China would rise to fight again.

PS : When US Military re -run the Battle of Stalingrad in their war gaming Germany wins - they forget that war outcomes are determined by people - in Stalingrad by the Russian People under Communist Leadership.

Do no underestimate what the Chinese People could achieve if called upon to fight for their country. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

China, Russia, US Tensions - China & Russia warn of unspecified countermeasures against the US’ deployment of THAAD in South Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle see the Kissinger Trump Foreign Policy and the THAAD deployment unifying China Russia and North Korea.

The contradictions between China, Russia and North Korea has exercised western intelligence and Foreign relations analysts like Kissinger who guides Trump for some time.

However exploiting contradictions between China Russia and North Korea - the Kissinger Trump Foreign policy wet dream - will have the opposite effect of unifying them.

That strategic unification of China, Russia and North Korea will require some cleansing in Moscow of foreign relations "experts" who have been spreading illusions and are even  deluded about Trump and Kissinger.

Beijing has  some similar "experts" but they are much smaller in number and tend not to make their views public.

The Annual US/South Korean mock military and nuclear attacks on North Korea must be ended before any conversations can be opened up with North Korean leadership.